Delicacies Arta-Sobrassada

Delicacies Arta-Sobrassada

The sobrasada Arta is prepared in traditional way, by our local artisans, is compiled using the best cuts of Porc negre mallorquí, a local breed of black pig related with the Iberian pig.

The life of this noble animal takes place in semi-freedom which gives his flesh a unparalleled flavor and texture, its supply is composed mainly of oat flour, vegetables, figs and prickly. In Arta you can visit one of the farms of lechonas qe even sponsor one of them and taste their excellent meat and sobrasada in other sausages.

But let us return to the sobrasada, to develop we lean meat of the best quality we add bacon, pepper, herbs, then each craftsman adds a nice touch, which usually tends to be secret, and stuffed the sobrasada in natural gut, then the sobrasada is carried to a drying area, in which the great air of the coast of the Majorcan lift makes the rest of the job.

It is this process of traditional preparation that makes our sobrasada a single product, there are no two sobrasadas equal, you can purchase them commissioned by the madam Aina, Mr Miguel or Mrs. Xisca.

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